Thursday, October 27, 2011

St. Cyril of Alexandria

It was not otherwise possible for man, being of a nature which perishes, to escape death, unless he recovered that ancient grace, and partook once more of God who holds all things together in being and preserves them in life through the Son in the Spirit. Therefore His only-begotten Word has become a partaker of flesh and blood (Heb. 2:14), that is, He has become man, though being Life by nature, and begotten of the Life that is by nature, that is, of God the Father, so that, having united Himself with the flesh which perishes according to the law of its own nature...He might restore it to His own life and render it through Himself a partaker of God the Father....And He wears our nature, refashioning it to His own life. And He Himself is also in us, for we have all become partakers of Him, and have Him in ourselves through the Spirit. For this reason we have become "partakers of the divine nature" (2 Pet. 1:4), and are reckoned as sons, and so too have in ourselves the Father Himself through the Son.

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